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St. Anne’s Parish Special Announcement

This June I will be beginning my fourth year as your Pastor.  I have in all of that time never made a request like this.  We all know of the problems within our neighborhood and our city. We at St. Anne’s have not kept our eyes closed to these problems in response to the addiction problems and economic insecurity that have only been compounded by the covid pandemic. We, at St. Anne’s opened our facilities to NA and AA groups throughout the area as well as a Friday virtual AA group, all of which have been holding meetings throughout the pandemic. We also opened and expanded our food pantry to help supplement families during this unprecedented crisis.  We have also been a resource for services provided by the city, state and federal governments as well as Archdiocesan sources.

Now we are faced with a new and disturbing crisis in our city, teen violence especially teen gun violence. Again, St. Anne’s is attempting to address this challenge. Two years ago, with our olde school virtually empty of any activity, our facilities manager, John Nungesser approached me to talk about the need for a trade school in our area to offer training and certificates that can lead to good paying jobs and true self reliance and respect. A year ago we entered into a contract with Liguari Academy, which offers a quality High School education tailored to the specific needs of the individual students. (Scholarships are available for St. Anne’s parishioners.) One of the concerns that we had was if we would still be able to sponsor a trade school if we entered into a contract with Liguari.  John and I presented this concern and Liguari has been wonderfully responsive to our request for a trade school for our youth as well as a night trade school available for adults. We are now in negotiations with the cities’ Licensing and Inspections to begin remodeling the olde school basement to begin to make this dream come true. We have but one problem, as you have already guessed … money. I am asking that if you are able to contribute to this desperately needed endeavor, that you please consider doing so.  If you are interested in contributing to the renovations that will make this dream a reality, you can either drop a contribution in a plain envelope in the normal collection drop box at Sunday Masses or mail it to the St. Anne’s Rectory (2328 East Lehigh Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19125) please do so by check and in the memo please put “trade school” include your name and address and we will include this with your normal contributions so that you can claim it on your taxes as a charitible contribution.  Thank you for your time and for your consideration for this important project. I am sincerely grateful to you and to all those who have made St. Anne’s such a wonderful parish to belong to. I also want to thank our facilities manager, John Nungesser for his tireless advocacy for a Trade School for the Port Richmond-Olde Richmond Areas.  May God who has begun great things here at St. Anne’s bring them to a successful conclusion.  I remain.


Fr. Skip Miller, pastor

St. Anne’s – Philadelphia